Request for app integration for member seats. Enhanced Member Seats Functionality

Dear Scalenut Team, We appreciate the work you have put into developing and constantly improving Scalenut. It has become a vital part of our workflow and we value its contributions to our productivity. In our ongoing usage of the platform, we’ve identified some features that could further enhance the user experience, particularly for member seats. Here are the specific features we suggest: **1. Deletion of drafts or trash by member seats:** Currently, member seats need to go through the admin to delete their own drafts or trash in the article writer, cruise mode, content optimizer, or keyword planner. Allowing member seats to independently manage their drafts and trash would streamline this process. **2. Integration of Semrush by member seats:** We suggest allowing member seats to integrate Semrush directly through their dashboard. This would expedite the process and eliminate the need for admin involvement, thereby increasing efficiency. **3. WordPress Integration by member seats**: Similar to the above point, it would be beneficial for member seats to be able to integrate WordPress into their own Scalenut account independently. This feature would allow for a smoother workflow without requiring admin approval or involvement. **4. Integration with Grammarly:** This feature would provide users with real-time grammar and spelling checks, enhancing the quality of their content right from the Scalenut platform. **5. Automatic NLP Feature:** This would enable users to analyze and understand the sentiment behind their content, making it easier to tailor messages to desired audiences. **6. Ahrefs Integration:** This would allow users to conduct comprehensive SEO analysis directly from Scalenut, making it an all-in-one solution for content creation and optimization. **7. Feature Similar to Lowfruits: **Incorporating features similar to those found on Lowfruits could provide users with additional tools for effective keyword research and content optimization. **8. Golden Ratio Feature & Allintitle Display in Keyword Search Menu:** The Golden Ratio feature would help users create more balanced and appealing content, while the Allintitle display would provide useful insights into keyword competition. **9. Keyword Intent Identification Feature:** This tool could help users to understand the type of content they should develop based on the intent behind searched keywords. It would improve content relevancy and subsequently increase engagement rates. **10. Semantic Keyword Discovery Feature:** This feature would allow users to find semantically related keywords for their content. It could help in creating more comprehensive and SEO-friendly articles. I believe these enhancements would not only benefit current users but also attract new users to the platform. Thank you for considering these suggestions. I look forward to seeing how Scalenut continues to evolve and improve. Thank you for your continued attention to user needs and feedback. Best Regards,