Better Quality Answers

This is regarding the two Q&A templates - 'Answer a Question' and 'Quora Answers' Presently there is no way to instruct the AI to add a particular content in the answer outputs. For example, if I ask the question, 'What is the best font for a portfolio?', the AI will give a variety of outputs with a number of font suggestions. However, if I need two specific fonts in the answers, say, Proxima Nova or Montserrat, there is presently no way, other than manually editing the answers. This has a lot of relevance as Google is now ranking articles having FAQ schema, at a faster rate. So the writers can add a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section towards the bottom of their article, and use these templates to answer the 'People also Ask' questions suggested by Google for that keyword. This will make the articles highly relevant, and can even win the snippets for those questions. Requesting the Scalenut team to add an 'Information to include in the answer' column in these templates, which will help the user to steer the AI in the right direction, and will definitely result in better quality answers.