Word count credit limit for short & long form words

I wanted to know how the word count credits are being calculated per plan, so when I was discussing this with one of the chat agents, he mentioned that: "Long Form AI Words, are calculated whenever you generate/write with AI" & "Short Forms are calculated when you use AI COPYWRITER and Templates in the SEO assistant editor", which I feel would be unfair to the user since many sentences generated by AI are either not very good, and sometimes need to be regenrated to get a better copy or the facts for a specific topic are completely incorrect or the AI thinks I'm discussing another topic. Therefore, I end up changing/regenarating Ai content which consumes my limit as far as I understood from the caht agent. As an example I tried to write long form copy, and almost generated 700-900 words, but ended up deleting most of the unrelated sentences and incorrect facts leaving my document with 255 words; What is calculated here and what will be deducted from my plan? I suggest that the calculation should be based on the final word count shown in the reports page.